Anah’s Story

This is a story that begins in the furnaces of steel mills with a precise extrusion of fine wire made to specific low carbon composition….from a controlled industrial seamless process to the dirt tracks of remote villages – where precision meets creativity and skills. Rugged hands trained and dedicated to engage with new ways of seeing, thinking and crafting…..shifting paradigms of an engagement beyond local and yet rooted. The story of Handcrafting….

Inspired by the ancient art of weaving, ANAH brings Art, Design and Craft together as skill, beauty and thought go hand in hand to create IDEAS. The belief in the skills of the hand coupled with a thinking eye, ANAH believes in an uncompromising commitment to forging style……and ANAH believes in the precious legacy of Handcrafting that must be encouraged to be passed down from generation to generation as a sustainable future.

From their commitment to design and thinking design, the ANAH collection is designed by Architect Nisha Mathew  whose work in the sphere of an architecture for contemporary India is well known…….questioning existing paradigms, this architecture of the handcrafted woven object  brings thought into the regular rituals of Home and Hospitality. It brings the Idea and its inspiration to the foreground.

Critical to the establishment of ANAH is its engagement with the lives of its crafts-persons and their aspirations. By education, counseling and economic empowerment ANAH believes and takes seriously its commitment to their lives.


  • ANAH seeks to achieve the very highest quality standards,and to push the boundaries of design within this genre of work, not being limited by the techniques of HandCrafting. ANAH believes that the precious legacy of handcrafting must be sustained over generations by building into the lives of its crafting teams.
  • This bi-focal approach is intrinsic to the brand and informs the efforts and strategy to ensure that ANAH is recognized for its excellent commitment to design as it is for its luxury products…..simultaneously building the lives of people under its umbrella.
  • Putting as center-focus an ethical business practice that honours God, ANAH believes in inspiring its employees to conduct their work ethically with a great sense of social responsibility, and eventually to invest back into the communities that they come from.
  • ANAH‘s products are made in supervised Craft Workshops which comply with local labour and environmental laws, and by workers who work fair hours in a safe, clean and hygienic work environment. Each co-worker is paid more , but not less than the local Government rates fixed for labour. Additionally, each ANAH Craft Workshop becomes a hub for ongoing education classroom modules such as ‘Health’ ‘Managing Finances’, etc.
  • Every ANAH product that you buy, every custom-designed ANAH project that you commission, contributes back to the impoverished lives of those engaged with us, by a larger societal engagement with the villages/ urban areas that our workers are drawn from.


  • ANAH’s sachet type Vase ‘The Pillow’ first showed at a Wallpapers International designers Exhibition at Teatro Armani, MILAN, Italy – Year 2006.
  • Installation of giant hand-woven leaf at Bodhi Gallery, MUMBAI, India show curated by Krishnamachari Bose – Year 2009
  • Installation of mixed media work, using ANAH fish sculpture, and Nest in “Her Work Is Never Done”, at Gallery BMB, MUMBAI, India curated by Krishnamachari Bose –Year 2010
  • Maison et Objet, PARIS, France – Septembre 2010
  • EDIDA Award for ‘ LILYPAD PLACEMAT’ a party setting for glasses. Joint Winner in category: Tableware – December 2010
  • Maison et Objet, PARIS, France – Fevrier 2011